10/11/2012 - Implementing Your LDC Module: Getting Started in Your Classroom

*It may be helpful to take written notes and then summarize your thoughts on the wiki after the webinar is finished.

10/11/12 - Viewed by T. Trego and B. Brumbaugh

Intro and review of expectations for the LDC Module and first task assignment.

Points to Consider:
Instructional Considerations:

-Before beginning teaching your LDC Module, is your task "good to go?" (Using examples, the facilitator took participants through aspects of a good task.)
  • Include specific vocabulary and requirements (such as write an essay, explain reasons, etc) in the task
  • Ask yourself, "will students be able to work independently or will they need a lot of support from teacher"?
  • is technology a barrier for what you are asking of your students
  • will you need time in the library

-Flipped Classroom (as a tool to support your LDC Module)
  • what might have been done in class (PPT's short videos) could be watched at home and then the "practice" and work can be done in class
  • teachers could assist with helping to find sources etc during class time

-Project Planning Ideas
  • Use of a table/chart for students to track by date "What Am A Going to Do Today" and "What Did I Get Done Today".

-Feedback to Students (how will student receive feedback at various stages of the module?)
  • annotated texts
  • notes on checks
  • exit slips
  • collect the first paragraph of writing
  • peer or teacher conferences
  • "redo" policy
  • tech tools

-How to scaffold reading:
  • read together
  • read independently
  • read or listen to podcast for homework
  • jigsaw
  • text rendering

-To assist students with note-taking, it was highly suggested to use two-column note taking.

-There are many examples on the LDC website for you to peruse and expand on for your own use as needed.
-Plenty of support available to you, just need to use the resources and ask for help.

Additional Notes/Upcoming Dates:
The PPT and all handouts are posted on the LDC SharePoint site.
Other resources can also be found here - examples of lessons, videos, etc.
There will be an upcoming LDC session on "feedback".