5/2/2013 Preparing for the Summer Showcase

Viewed by: Christine LeFevre and Patrice Hazlett


Purpose:The purpose of this webinar was to offer details about the Summer Showcase preparation. The morning of the Showcase is devoted to professional development. This includes a module wrap up and time to jury others' modules. The afternoon is a public presentation of our modules. This part of the day is similar to a science fair. Each school has a table with a display that "showcases" their modules. Teachers and the public will visit the booths to talk about the LDC experience.

Points to Consider:
  • We need to register for the Showcase on MLP inorder to receive professional credit and payment.
  • We need to invite about 12 guests per school on a GoogleDoc.
  • Each display will have some type of board with descriptions of the projects. Each school will develop a one pager that describes the overall project. There are samples and templates available on the LDC site. They listed Donegal HS as a good example.
  • Displays can also include video, take-aways, examples, helpful hints, links to materials etc. We must provide our own equipment if we want to include video etc.
  • If we have multiple teams per school, we can ask for additional space by contacting the IU.
  • A brunch and refreshments will be provided.
  • Morning session lasts until 11:30. Set time up until 12:30. 12:30 -2:30 is public event. 2:30-3:30 is breakdown.

Summation:This is a day to share and celebrate the work that was done.

Additional Notes/Upcoming Dates:
  • Important Dates
    • Send out invitations by 5/15
    • Register on MLP- ASAP
    • To have the IU copy the one pager or other materials- send by 6/5/13