3/7/2013 Understanding the Informational/Explanatory and Narrative Rubrics

Viewed by: Jen Axe and Karen Shenk

To understand the Informational/Explanatory and Narrative Rubrics.

Points to Consider:
Informational/Explanatory Rubric
-Focus on establishing the following criteria within the writing:
1. A clear thesis
2. Credibility of sources
3. Implications that can be drawn
Narrative Rubric
-Different from other writing with a variety of purposes.
-Differences in rubric:
1. Must integrate items they've read with research (visual aids, interviews, etc.)
2. Integrates stylistic devices in L2 (imagery, tone, humor, suspense, etc.)
3. Needs a narrative structure (plot, theme)

Although the three writing rubrics (argumentative, informational/explanatory, and narrative) all have the same 7 element structure, they vary in terms of content and focus. It is important to keep the purpose of writing in mind when scoring a writing because of the variations in the rubrics.

Additional Notes/Upcoming Dates: