1/17/2013 Implementing Your LDC Module: Helping Students Read and Analyze Complex Text

Viewed by: Beka Leaman and Kathy Byers

Here are 6 handouts from the training


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Can we help kids think about science and apply the knowledge?

Common Core – standards in every area. LDC is designed to help address the common core.

Select texts to acquire and apply the knowledge.

Quantitative Ranges for Text Complexity Grade Bands

Module Creator –

(Left hand side) Add Resource – digital articles – can move the slide to change the lexile range

Productive struggle – won’t be hurt by the complexity, but something we can help them with.

Qualitative Factors
  • Levels of meaning
  • Structure
  • Language conventionality and clarity
  • Knowledge demands

Text and Task Analysis

  • Completed by the teacher before the students read the text to highlight and address with students before reading to help them read the text successfully.

Reader and Task Considerations

  • Cognitive ability
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge
  • Experiences
  • Reader’s purpose
  • Type of reading
  • Intended outcome