02/21/2013 Engagement Techniques and LDC

Viewed by: Kate Hough and Maria Wolownick

The purpose is to develop strategies to keep students engaged.

Points to Consider:
  • increase participation
  • establish classroom routines
  • create real world applications
  • the goal is to get students more deeply involved

  • Think Pair Share
  • Partners
  • Verbal Response: Partner First, Question First, Whip Around, Random Reporter

  • Preparing for the Task
  • Reading Process
  • Transition to Writing
  • Writing Process

Engaging Students by Asking Questions:
  • Signaling: Devices, Clickers
  • Action Responses: 4 Corners
  • Key Word Strategy
  • Exit Slips

This Webinar focused on various engagement techniques. We were able to learn about different strategies to engage student learners in classroom activities. These strategies can be used in multiple content areas as well as with LDC modules.

Additional Notes/Upcoming Dates:
March 7th: Understanding the Informational/Explanatory & Narrative Rubrics
March 21st: How to Facilitate a Scoring Session in Your School

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